Incident Commander Emergency Management Platform Overview

Protecting your students and staff is your highest responsibility. During an incident, accurate and timely communication is EVERYTHING.

Incident Commander is an emergency management software system that uses smart workflows to smoothly and efficiently carry out necessary protocols whenever a situation arises at your school helping you ensure compliance and achieve greater safety for all involved.

A Turn-Key Solution that Evolves Your Emergency Workflows and Takes Advantage of Today’s Language and Technology

Many emergency response procedures are unwieldy and inefficient (quite often a 3-ring binder with sets of lists)…that no longer works in the increasingly hostile environment students and staff face in today’s world.

Incident Commander is Designed to Improve Emergency Management Outcomes

Activate district emergency management procedures in seconds

Improve communication efficiencies with first responders, teachers, students, staff and parents

Minimize classroom disruptions caused by misinformed messaging to teachers and staff during an emergency incident

Increase compliance while minimizing risk and emergency management paperwork

Key Incident Commander Features


  • Dashboards Provide Real-time Task Management Facilities
  • Automatically Connects Key Stakeholders to a Secure Virtual Command Center
  • Activates Backup Personnel if Primary Resources Do Not Respond
  • Staff and Students Receive Real-time Instructions Regarding What to Do and When to Do It
  • Automatically Checks on Who is Safe and Who Needs Help
  • Incident Reports Provide Time-Stamped Activities for Each Stakeholder


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