The Story Behind Incident Commander

Incident Commander began as a solution to a specific set of challenges that were brought to us by one of our largest education-based customers. As we designed and began implementation of that solution, it became clear that these same issues were common to most school districts and universities and the solution we engineered could have a positive impact industry-wide.

Our Team Understands the School Environment Intimately…

We are NIC Partners, and with more than 19 years of experience,  we’ve helped 50+ school districts identify, implement and adapt technology to fit their needs and solve core challenges.

In an emergency situation, we understand WHAT TO DO and HOW TO GET IT DONE in that environment.

Our Difference: Connecting. Protecting. Collaborating.

We’re not just another technology firm–we’re local partners who’ve helped more than 50 school districts conquer their technology challenges. Today and tomorrow, we’re within reach to answer your questions, allowing you to get back to your passion – preparing (and protecting) tomorrow’s leaders for success.